Cheap dental treatments and dental implants in Barcelona, Spain

An attractive smile and beautiful healthy white teeth have become characteristics of undisputed beauty features of the 21st century. We all know that healthy and white teeth come with a price. In many European countries, including UK, dentistry is so expensive that many people can’t afford the treatment, especially if one of even more dental implants have to be done. Because of the high costs for dental procedures and dentures in the UK, patients usually look for better and cheaper alternatives abroad where they can be supplied with affordable dentures.

The dental tourism has been growing for years, both in Europe and globally, and it is no secret that many people travel to Poland, Hungary and Turkey in order to undergo dental treatments at resident dentists. Actually, people who consider getting a dental treatment abroad, are mostly motivated by low prices. Compared to Great Britain, in Poland or Hungary, for a dental prosthesis, you pay up to 20-40% less. If you need two or more dental implants or bone grafting (which is very often the case), you can save even more money.

Not all of these cheap deals abroad have the same standard of quality as in Great Britain, Ireland or Scandinavia.

DZK is a German-, French- and English-speaking dental clinic that provides primary dental healthcare at affordable price, much lower than in any other European countries like United Kingdom, Ireland and Scandinavia. We have dedicated ourselves in offering a different concept that will take away all doubts about getting treatment abroad. Our team is formed by highly skilled professionals who can quickly solve your treatment and offer you the possibility to have a complete denture makeover. Dr. Eickhoff and his highly trained staff will take care of your dental treatment in Barcelona, where you will also be able to enjoy a stay in this beautiful city. This well-equipped dental clinic in Barcelona works with modern technology like metal-free restorations, bone grafting, veneers, as well as offering implants solution in the case of tooth loss.

Our dental clinic in Barcelona was founded in 2007 and since then we welcome patients daily coming from all over Europe. We are constantly expanding our range of dental procedures and do our best for the satisfaction of our patients. Modern treatment methods and a German laboratory should be all necessary requirements for our customers.

Advantages of dental implants in Barcelona, ​​Spain:

Expect from us the same standards of your care at home, even higher, because you are for us a private patient, regardless of your insurance:

  • We are an English speaking dental practice (including German master laboratory) specialized in dentistry, which is perceived in many European countries as a private treatment, but we offer our services at low prices.
  • For all dental implants, crowns and bridges, warranty is extended above the EU standards.
  • We have prepared for you a compact dental treatment planning, which saves you a lot of time. We devote a whole morning to summarize treatments, so the process will be a lot faster than in any other dental clinics. Please read more here about the course of the procedure.
  • Individualize treatment planning: we follow your flight times to make the treatments as compact as possible and to manage your stay at a hotel if needed.
  • We put out your quotation and invoices in English (especially if you should need them for your health insurance we will assist you with the administrative work)

For our dental clinic as a provider of quality dentistry, it was the biggest challenge to compete with the prices in Eastern European countries and outside EU. We succeeded thanks to the number of patients and a special cost calculation that allowed us to reduce our prices. We offer savings up to 40-60% compared to the price level in the UK, Ireland or gernerally in Scandinavia. Read further about the procedure and also see and compare the prices for dental treatments abroad.

Therefore, we have focused all our strength in order to offer a different concept of dental tourism with outstanding quality treatment options. We offer dental treatments and dental implants at affordable prices and to the usual excellent German quality in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Barcelona, Spain.

If you decide to undergo a dental treatment abroad in our clinic Barcelona, you should also expect:
Smaller additional costs than in most dental tourism destination:

  • Barcelona is easy to reach with low-cost airlines such as RyanAir, Easyjet etc. and even scheduled flights are often offered at interesting prices, because of the high competition.
  • Also due to high flight frequencies and our organizational structure, you can often get your treatment on the same day fly home, thus saving expenses for lodging and food, as well as taking an extra day off.
  • Barcelona is a wonderful tourist destination with many attractions and a very pleasant warm climate – you have the possibility to combine your dental treatment with a weekend trip or a vacation.

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For questions about dental implants, procedures and costs, please contact us or read our FAQ about dental treatment abroad.