FAQ about dental treatments abroad

How should I begin my preparations for dental treatment in Spain?

First, please contact us and make an appointment. We can advise you on the phone on such issues as evaluation, denture refunds, arrival in Barcelona, prices for dental treatments and implants and the procedure of the dental treatment.

How do I get to Barcelona?

Thanks to various low-cost airlines such as Easyjet, Ryanair, Jet2-go, Monarch etc. there are numerous cheap flights from all over UK to Barcelona. Once the date is set, we recommend you to book a flight. Thanks to our time managment, it is often time even possible that you fly back on the same day of the treatment, thereby saving the cost of a hotel.

Do I need a hotel in Barcelona during my dental treatment?

If you choose to get the dental treatment during a short stay in Barcelona, we recommend hotels on platforms such as TripAdvisor or Booking.com, compare the prices and book soon. Also renting a private apartment on such platforms as for example Waytostay.com is recommended. Our clinic is located in the district of Eixample – a very safe, quiet and beautiful area of Barcelona. Of course you can also pick one of the hotels at the seaside, as our clinic is very well-connected with a bus or metro.

In addition, we can provide you with preferential nearby hotels:

Ako Suites (10% discount, if rooms are available)

Hotel Jazz (depending on the season)

How often should I come to Barcelona for a dental implantation?

With dental implants 3 appointments are usually needed: the placement of the implants,  2 months later for taking the dental impressions and 2 weeks later for cementing the work.

For dental crowns and dental bridges, most patients usually travel for one day and then come back after 2 weeks for fixing. Alternatively, you can stay longer in Barcelona (about 10 days).

If your case requires bone grafting, it will need extended healing times.

How much money do I save for a dental treatment in Barcelona?

The cost of dental bridges and dental implants are about 2-3 times higher in Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland than in Spain. The savings can be up to several hundreds of Euros (also taking into account the cost of flight and accommodation). You will feel good in Barcelona, you can enjoy the sun and at the same time save money and then come back home with beautiful teeth. Learn more about our rates for dentures. Learn more about the prices for dental treatments abroad in comparison to UK.

How do I pay for the dental treatments?

You always have to pay only for the current treatment. You won´t have to make payments in advance. The payment options are the following:

- Cash

- Credit card (Mastercard / Visa)

- EC card

- Bank transfer (in advance of each treatment).

Do I get a guarantee on the dental treatment?

Our clinic takes full responsibility for the quality of services. We assure you about the EU directive with:

-          A 2-year warranty on dental care;

-          A solid 5-year warranty on zirconium crowns and bridges;

-          A lifetime warranty on our implants.

Why choosing our dental clinic in Barcelona?

Because we offer a highly qualified standard of dental care at low prices. Our team creates for you an individualized treatment plan: we follow your flight times to make the treatments as compact as possible. We also are able to devote a whole morning for you in order to summarize treatments.

How safe is a dental treatment abroad?

As safe as in your home country. Complications during dental procedures can never be ruled out 100%, but we are trained to work on travelling patients and adopted protocols which will spare you the most common complications. Many patients leave our dental clinic happy and satisfied. Here you can read some of the experiences our patients had in our dental clinic.