High quality dental bridges abroad

Tooth gaps are not only aesthetically displeasing; they also complicate the chewing and can even interfere with the speech function. Bridges serve to close annoying and unsightly tooth gaps. In the DZK dental clinic in Barcelona we restore your chewing function and we give you back your smile.

How much does a dental bridge cost abroad?

The cost of dental bridges can vary considerably. The price depends on the tooth replacement needs and the materials used for the dental bridge. In this aspect, each patient has fundamentally different individual needs. However, in general, the cost of a dental bridge in UK is significantly more expensive than in many other countries.

Our dental clinic offers a high quality dental treatment in Barcelona. Our experienced German- and English speaking team provides you the best equipment, in order for you to be relieved with your chewing function, and of course, receiving a beautiful smile. Prices for other dental procedures can be found here.

Benefits of dental bridges
A dental bridge can be the best solution for a missing tooth. In order to close a tooth gap by a bridge, the healthy neighboring teeth are used as anchors. The gap is closed with a bridgework. The tooth pillars will give it the necessary support. Both stable metal frameworks and zircon make it possible to bridge even a higher number of missing teeth.

The insertion of a dental bridge prevents the displacement of the remaining teeth from their original position. At the same time they restore the normal chewing and speech function.

When is a dental bridge needed?

Bridges are used when one or more teeth are missing and the resulting gap needs to be closed. The damaged teeth can be obtained. Permanent gaps are filled with fixed restorations, thus prevents food particles lodged in the gaps. The healthy neighboring tooth, which serves as a pillar, needs to be grinded in order to give the necessary space to the bridge structure. The anchoring teeth are previously treated with core reconstructions (composite fillings) if they have caries before fixing a bridge on them. In addition, the cost for dental bridges is generally inferior to the one with dental implants.

What are the risks with dental bridges?

For dental bridges, healthy tooth substance needs to be removed by grinding. There is a risk that the nerve gets damaged and a root canal will be due.

Another point is a possible overcharge as a long-term result of the anchoring teeth, which of course have to carry the burden of several teeth. This can lead to early tooth loss or even bone loss.

Another long-term negative effect can be secondary decays at the crown margins.

Get your beautiful teeth back!

A dental bridge can often be the best alternative to regain the facial aesthetics. We offer high-quality bridge treatments for beautiful teeth and moreover that will provide you a great chewing function. Win your smile back at significantly low prices. Take advantage of your stay in Barcelona to undergo dental treatment at low prices.