Bone grafting in Barcelona

Bone grafting abroad is cheaper!

Long-standing gaps can often cause tooth loss. Due to the lack of chewing pressure in that part, it often comes to bone loss as the jaw structure receed. If you then decide to take a dental treatment in order to close the gap with dental implants, augmentation is often necessary, since there is not enough bone to give the implant body the necessary stability.

The bone structure must be implanted for the reconstruction of the bone in order to ensure the complete maintenance of the dental implant. Thus, the bone loss diminishes again, because the chewing pressure is enhanced by the bone grafting and the dental implant can be placed successfully.

Bone replacement materials

The best material for bone grafting is, of course, your own bone.

Bone grafts can be taken from the jaw or chin. Also other donor sites outside the mouth region are possible although it is not common nowadays.

However, it is also possible to use a substitute material for the structure, whereby the patient is spared the removal.

Bone structure: the procedure of the treatment

In our dental clinic in Barcelona we treat our patients with several techniques in case of little residual bone. Some of those procedures are bone spreading, sinus lift, transplantation of bone or artificial bone grafting. We also like to apply highly modern ultrasound surgery.
Our dentist Dr. Christian Eickhoff has the most advanced means to determine even in difficult cases the exact extent of bone augmentation based on computer data planning.

We fix the bone deficit creating a thicker layer of bone for the implant. Doing so, the durability of the dental implant is ensured.

These procedure are comparable to that of the tooth extraction even when the bone is taken from the mandibular angle. Pain and risks are limited in bone formation.

Cost of bone grafting in UK and abroad

Bone formation requires surgery, which increases the cost of dental treatment however if necessary it cannot be skipped if order to grant a long-term success of your dental implants. In our dental clinic, you can undergo a high-quality bone formation at low prices. Save on your dental treatment up to 40% in our dental clinic in Barcelona. We provide quality dentistry at Spanish prices that are significantly cheaper than in England or other European countries.