That is what our patients say about DZK

Dr. Eickhoff placed an implant four years ago, with which I am very satisfied. At that time I decided to carry out the dental treatment in Barcelona, ​​because I am a professional who travels for business quite often to this city and so no additional financial burden arose. The whole treatment procedure was perfectly organized, I felt safe and the price was fine. Now I am about to get two new implants. For me, another dentist is out of the question. I like to spend a few days in Barcelona and combine the necessary dental treatments with the holiday.

Alexander M. 50 years old, entrepreneur

Before I came to Dr. Eickhoff in Barcelona, ​​I had been to 6 different dental clinics in Essen, Bochum and Dortmund (Germany) to compare prices for dental implants. At the end, I had 6 different estimated costs for just one dental implant: between 2500€ and 3500€, which personally is a lot of money for me. Here in Barcelona, I have paid half of it and I’m very satisfied with the work of the dentist. I must admit, my main concern was that my nerve would be injured during surgery. Dr. Eickhoff took away all my fears. During surgery, he spoke with me all the time and proceeded the intervention quickly and professionally. I am very satisfied with the implant and can only recommend this dental clinic in Barcelona.

Alesya F. 32 years old, employee

I’ve always had problems with the teeth, even when I was very young, now I am 60 and half of the teeth is unfortunately out. Mostly I had old dental bridges and a few crowns, which had to be replaced long ago. Prices for dental procedures in Germany are so high that I myself could never afford them, so I had to deal with the subject “dental treatment abroad”. I considered prices and quality for dental treatments offered in such countries as Poland, Turkey and Hungary. These dental procedures in Spain are actually much cheaper. Dr. Eickhoff and his team offer high quality dental treatments and can afford not to increase prices for dental implants. I have to say that Dr. Eickhoff and his team were my salvation. I can finally smile again and eat sensibly. Many thanks!

Michaela R. 60 years, official

I was very pleased with the dental treatment and care. I wish to highlight the nice and courteous nature of the doctor and the entire team. I can unreservedly recommend this doctor. It is worthwhile to visit this dentist in Barcelona, ​​even if you just need a dental implant. I paid 150€ for the flight, spent 60€ for the hotel, saw Barcelona’s major sights and got wonderful new teeth, for half the price I would have paid in Germany instead. Should I again need prosthesis, I will fly back to Barcelona, ​​but the next time I’ll stay a little longer.

Stephan G. 41 years old, employee

Anyone who has dealt with the subject “implants” enough knows that zirconium crowns are much better than conventional ones: they are metal-free, tooth-colored, firm and biocompatible. And that was important to me as I finally decided to use a dental implant. Dr. Eickhoff is one of the few dentists who supplies dental implants exclusively with biocompatible zirconium crowns at no extra charge. The second reason why I chose this dentist was the cheap price and the fact that he is working with a German laboratory and thus promises a high standard of work. I am very satisfied with my dental implant and can recommend the dentist’s office in Barcelona .

Reiner F. 54 years old, Professor

I’ve had problems with my teeth since I was a kid. I was so fed up of all the different braces I had to put through the years that as I grew up I still had some fixing left to do. Now, as an Erasmus student in Barcelona, I really needed someone to trust who could fix my teeth carefully, but I couldn’t afford a dental treatment at a high price. The dental clinic of Dr. Eickhoff gave me the perfect dental treatment ever. His team is careful and I was able to save money. Now I can smile again without feeling uneasy.

Kathy M., 25 years old, Student