Zirconium crowns – metal-free dentures conveniently abroad

Tooth crowns are used when a conventional filling is no longer possible, but the tooth needs to be kept. Only when the root is anchored firmly enough in the jaw bone, a treatment with dental crown comes into question.

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A zirconium crown is a metal-free restoration, which is used in order to make a destroyed tooth be able to chew again. Another term for this is all-ceramic crown. The composition of this highly durable material is zirconium oxide, a substance belonging to the oxide ceramics. One of the most important properties of zirconia is its remarkable stability. It forms the framework of a crown or a bridge. The Zirconium copings are then combined with specific ceramics in order to create nice aesthetics. Conventional ceramic crowns that do not contain zirconium are not as stable, which is why they need the extra grip of metal framework.

Advantages of zirconium crowns

First of all an all-ceramic crown has visible aesthetic benefits, since it is a tooth-colored material that hardly differs from the real teeth. Due to the transparency of all-ceramic, they act very naturally. In our dental practice in Barcelona we use crowns and bridges made of zirconium, because of their durability and high aesthetics compatibility. For the corrections in the anterior region, where no crowns are necessary, we use porcelain veneers.

In addition, particularly sensitive patients tolerate these biotolerable prothodontics extremely well. Zircon is a lightweight yet strong material, which contributes to the crown like a natural tooth. Although zirconium crowns are more expensive than metal crowns or simple ceramic crowns firstly, they are proven to be much more durable and therefor the cheaper long-term solution. Check our prices for other dental procedures.

Purpose of zirconium crowns

All-ceramic or zirconium teeth are not only used for tooth-preserving treatment with crowns. In addition, this material is suitable for bridges or crowns to dental implants.

Dental treatment with zirconium crowns are relatively new (15 years old). Although their properties have been known for a long time in orthopaedics, it was the CAD-CAM technology which made finally dental procedures with this material possible. Our dental clinic in Barcelona works with minimally invasive restoration techniques that ensure optimal results for your beautiful smile.

Dental treatment with zirconium crowns at low prices

We offer dental treatments with zirconium crowns much cheaper than what you would pay for basic metal-ceramic work done at your local dentist. Our dental clinic in Barcelona is the ultimate solution for perfect teeth at reasonable prices. Thanks to the advantageous prices for dental crowns in Spain, you will save between 40% to 60% compared to UK prices. Learn more about our services and our dental treatments in Barcelona. Find out here how much zirconium crowns cost abroad.