Prices for dental treatment abroad / Barcelona

One of the most frequently asked question dealing with dental work is, “How much does a dental implant abroad cost?” In so many dental forums and online platforms for implantology people wonder whether the prices for dentures abroad are really cheaper than in their home countries. Patients want to know where they can get the cheapest dental treatment and at the same time, the best dental services which could be comparable in quality of a high developed European country like Germany or England. It is a well-known fact that one can get cheap dental implants in Hungary or Poland, as dentists in these countries due to favorable rents and staff costs can also offer low prices for dentures. However, will one always get the quality of services in those countries, which you used to get in Germany, Austria or Great Britain? Do the Polish or the Hungarian dentists provide lifetime guarantees on their work? Do they really take enough time for their patients?

In our dental clinic in Barcelona, ​​you can count on a high quality standard of care for all dental treatments and enjoy at the same price advantages for dental implants of up to 40-60%.

Cost of dentures in Barcelona: Your price advantage


UK Price in £

Price in

Reduced price
for Non

Your Saving

Zirconia Crown
Premium Implant
Implant Abutment
Implant Crown (Zirkonia)

Implantat +

Abutment +

Zirconia crown

Implant bridge

2 premium
Implants +

2 abutments +

4 Zirkonia crowns


* VAT- Reduced price-level only possible for NON-Resident EU-Citizen starting their treatment within 3 month after receiving their quote. Fees will be due in €. Calculation based on an exchange rate of 1 £ = 1,1787€

Special conditions for EU citizens who are residents outside Spain (not applicable in case your 2nd-resident in Spain), and you start your dental treatment within 3 months after receiving your quote: you will get an extra discount of 21% in all treatments who need dental materials (95% of all treatments). This corresponds to a VAT refund (VAT. in Spain is 21%).

In addition to the price savings for your dental treatment in our dental practice, you should also consider the possible fixed grants your insurance involves for dentures. You also have the possibility to get your dental treatment abroad tax-free.

Of course you should bear in mind that dental treatments and the associated costs differ from patient to patient. The factors taken into account in the composition of the estimate for your dental treatment in Barcelona are the following:

- The expense and difficulty of surgery

- The condition of the teeth and jaw

- Required diagnostic procedures

- Number of employed dental implants

- Any necessary bone formation

Other possible factors that vary the price of dental treatments abroad:

A condition of the oral mucosa, the upper and lower jaws, the possible diseases of a patient and the personal aesthetic requirements of the patient to determine a portion of the cost plan for the dentures. The first examination and radiographs are available for you in our clinic and are free of charge. In some cases (complex cases and implant planning), the dentist takes a panoramic X-ray imaging to diagnose the nerve condition and prevent possible complications. You can make such operations on-site at our affiliated radiology center for 35€. In cases of a greatly reduced bone volume, it may need to be done even a 3-dimensional scan / Digital volume tomography (DVT). The cost of a DVT in Spain is about 120€ (one jaw) and 180€ for upper and lower jaws (in the UK the cost of a DVT radiograph usually is much higher).

The number of dental implants that have to be implanted is crucial for the total price of your dental treatments. Depending on whether you need 1, 2, 3… or 8 implants, the costs vary. With the number of dental implants growing, increases also the price, but in our dental clinic you can save up to 40-60% of the total price.

One of the main cost drivers, also abroad, is the bone grafting. The cost for bone grafting is difficult to foresee and it usually depends on how much new bone needs to be created and in which technique.

For this reason, there is just general information on the costs, so for further information, please contact us and let us develop you a non-binding plan for your dental treatment in Barcelona.

Would you like to be treated in our dental clinic in Spain but you still have some doubts about prices, terms or risks? Do you need more information on the course of treatment, appointments or general questions? Read more on our site (FAQ) or call us at (+34) 933 239 629 please. The team of our dental clinic is English speaking and will be happy to help you.